Baruch Recycling Program

recyclingIf you want to know why you should recycle, click here for some great reasons!For more information about what New York is doing to increase recycling and an extended list of what is recyclable in New York go to, check out the Baruch recycling video. This will give you additional guidelines and tips on recycling!

How To Recycle at Baruch

Here at Baruch we are really amping up our recycling game! We feel recycling is too important to bypass, and so we have made it more accessible to our students, faculty, and staff.

By putting up recycle bins all over campus, you can recycle almost anywhere on campus. When it comes to throwing away you now have a couple options: paper, bottles and cans, or garbage. Remember, the first step starts with you. Please dispose of anything you bring with you on campus, as a clean campus is a happy campus. Here is a guideline for recycling on campus:

Paper: all paper or paper products can be disposed of in the paper recycle cans. Some products that can be placed here are: Bottles and Cans: When it comes to your empty bottles and cans, dispose of them in our bottle shaped recycle cans! Not only do these receptacles look awesome, they help you help the environment. Items acceptable to toss in here are:

  • plastic bottles
  • metal cans
  • glass bottles
  • aluminum products
  • plastic jugs

Anything that is metal, glass or plastic will fit nicely in these recycle bins. Next time you are looking for a place to throw away these products, look no further. The large bottle-shaped can is the place to go.


Landfill: For everything else, the plain, old garbage can will have to do. We understand that some things will have to be thrown out and end up in a landfill. We are just trying to lessen the impact of what we contribute by our recycling efforts. Toss food waste, or soiled products, in the trash. 
  • paper
  • newspaper
  • notebook paper
  • folders
  • cardboard
  • boxes
  • postcards
  • mail
  • paper bags
  • receipts
  • rinsed paper cups
Anything that is coated in wax or foil or has been used (napkins, tissues, paper towels) should not be recycled due to possible viruses, bacteria and mold. So go ahead and feel good about tossing your paper waste in our convenient paper recycle cans. Remember, for every ton of reclaimed paper, 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space are saved. That can make a big difference.

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