Mayor Bloomberg’s Proposed Ban on Large Surgary Drinks

The Bloomberg Administration is proposing a ban on large sugary drinks in restaurants, fast-food franchises, delis and sports arenas. This plan is another effort by the administration to combat obesity. Cup or bottle of any sweetened drinks more than 16 ounces is prohibited, not including diet sodas, fruit juices, dairy-based drinks and alcoholic drinks. If passed, this plan could take effect as soon as next March.

The cup/bottle sizes will be limted to less than 16 ounces, but the number of refills (if any) and the number of cups/bottles will not be limited.

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We would like to hear your comments about this plan, are you for it or against it and why?

Turning Plastic Waste Into Gold

A group of environmentalists and entrepreneurs is looking for ways to turn plastic waste into new plastic or fuel. People who are interested can submit their ideas, and the best ones will be presented in the Rio+20 earth summit next month.

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Amsterdam Attempts to Change Culture With Repair Cafes

In the Netherlands, a total of thirty groups have started Repair Cafes. People get together and pool their skills while working a few hours a month to mend holey clothing and revivify old coffee makers, broken lamps, vacuum cleaners and toasters, as well as at least one electric organ, a washing machine and an orange juice press.

Amsterdam’s Repair Cafes encourages people to bring old items that they might have otherwise thrown out to have them restored by expert volunteers.

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New Proposal on Fracking Gives Ground to Industry

On Friday, the Obama administration issued a proposed rule governing hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas on public lands. This will require disclosure of the chemicals used in the process.

“The pullback on the rule followed a series of meetings at the White House after the original regulation was proposed in February. Lobbyists representing oil industry trade associations and individual major producers like ExxonMobil, XTO Energy, Apache, Samson Resources and Anadarko Petroleum met with officials of the Office of Management and Budget, who reworked the rule to address industry concerns about overlapping state regulations and the cost of compliance.”

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Clouds’ Effect on Climate Change Is Last Bastion for Dissenters

97 percent of working climate scientists see global warming as a serious risk. The climate change skeptics have seized on one last argument that cannot be dismissed which is clouds will save us.

“They acknowledge that the human release of greenhouse gases will cause the planet to warm. But they assert that clouds — which can either warm or cool the earth, depending on the type and location — will shift in such a way as to counter much of the expected temperature rise and preserve the equable climate on which civilization depends.”

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