American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment


In March 2013, Baruch College President Wallerstein signed the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment (ACUPCC). ACUPCC begun in 2007 by a group of college and university presidents who were committed to bringing carbon neutrality and environmental sustainability education their institutions. As of 2013, a total of 672 colleges and universities including Baruch have signed the President’s Climate Commitment and have promised to take immediate action to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, include education about sustainability in the core curriculum, and within two years, set a target date and interim milestones for becoming carbon neutral.

ACUPCC signatories across the United States have begun to implement sustainability education in their core curricula, encourage community involvement in sustainability education programs, and have reported significant financial savings since adopting sustainable practices (i.e., recycling, waste reduction, green energy technologies). To learn more about this in initiative and Baruch’s climate commitment please consult the ACUPCC’s website.



NYC’s Biodiversity


It might surprise you how many different species of animals and plants can be found in NYC’s urban environment! Check out the Biodiversity Assessment Handbook for NYC.

Students Aim at College Portfolios

To Stop Climate Change, Students Aim at College Portfolios

To Stop Climate Change, Students Look To Endwoment Portfolios

Students in Minneapolis, seeking steps to cut atmospheric carbon levels to 350 parts per million, known as the safe level.
Published: December 4, 2012

SWARTHMORE, Pa. — A group of Swarthmore College students is asking the school administration to take a seemingly simple step to combat pollution and climate change: sell off the endowment’s holdings in large fossil fuel companies. For months, they have been getting a simple answer: no.As they consider how to ratchet up their campaign, the students suddenly find themselves at the vanguard of a national movement.

In recent weeks, college students on dozens of campuses have demanded that university endowment funds rid themselves of coal, oil and gas stocks. The students see it as a tactic that could force climate change, barely discussed in the presidential campaign, back onto the national political agenda.

“We’ve reached this point of intense urgency that we need to act on climate change now, but the situation is bleaker than it’s ever been from a political perspective,” said William Lawrence, a Swarthmore senior from East Lansing, Mich.

Students who have signed on see it as a conscious imitation of the successful effort in the 1980s to pressure colleges and other institutions to divest themselves of the stocks of companies doing business in South Africa under apartheid.

A small institution in Maine, Unity College, has already voted to get out of fossil fuels. Another, Hampshire College in Massachusetts, has adopted a broad investment policy that is ridding its portfolio of fossil fuel stocks. To read this entire article click here.

Costa Rica Study Abroad

Hi everyone, below is the information of an interesting opportunity to study abroad in Costa Rica:

Program Dates
The Study Abroad Program will begin during the fall 2012 semester, with an orientation and a weekend sustainability retreat held in October, 2012 and four additional pre-departure lectures spread over November and December 2012. Tentative dates are:

October 5: Orientation

October 13-14: Weekend Sustainability Retreat

Pre-departure lectures:
November 5
November 19
December 3
December 10

The study abroad tour to Costa Rica will take place from January 7-20, 2013. The deadline to submit the final individual reflection paper will be January 26, 2013.

For detailed information please visit the Zicklin Study Abroad page.

Welcome Baruch Freshmen!

Welcome Baruch Freshmen, hope you enjoyed our presentation during the convocation and took something from it.

Please help us make Baruch a greener and better campus!

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Freshmen Convocation

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