Over-Population and Family Planning

Over-population is a major environmental issue  we face as a species. Currently with a global population of over 6 billion people we are using one and a half times the resources the Earth can renew sustainably.Whether those living on the planet will have the needed water  and food resources  is a serious question as the planet’s population continues to grow at an exponential rate. How can we sustain a global population that continues to grow on a planet where the resources are finite and starting to dwindle? The radio segment in the link below asks two people what their family planning decisions were and whether global planetary population growth influences their decisions.



Environmental Impact of Legalizing Marijuana

The purchase of marijuana has been outlawed in the United States since the early 20th century. Recently, however, a number of politicians and the American public are beginning to rethink the criminalization of the sale and purchase of marijuana. In November 2012 two ballot measures in Colorado and Washington sought to decriminalize the purchase and use of marijuana. Those two ballot measures were passed and the sale and recreational use of marijuana in those states was legalized. Many marijuana advocates say that decriminalizing, regulating and taxing the sale and purchase of marijuana is a much safer alternative to outlawing it and could bring in much needed revenue to states who are struggling to balance their budgets. Listen to the radio segment in the link below to find out some of the environmental impacts of the industrial growth of marijuana.



New Electric Cars Unveiled in Frankfurt


Porsche's new hybrid sports car the 918 Spyder retails for $850,000. (Porsche)Cars are major contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions. There are over one billion cars in the world today and the vast majority of them run on gasoline. In an effort to cut not only cars’ contribution to greenhouse gasses but also to reduce the reliance on  gasoline. Many car companies have introduced electric cars. The two most popular electric cars in the United States are the Chevrolet Volt and the Nissan Leaf. Though these are the most frequently purchased models in the U.S., a recent auto show in Frankfurt unveiled a variety of electric car models produced by a considerable number of new car companies. Read the article below to find out more.


The Rise of Urban Gardens


Nordahl speaks to Seattle residents about the benefits of their public produce project. Free, readily available public produce holds the key to getting healthy again, he says.

Author Darrin Nordahl says fresh, free produce should be as accessible as fast food. Check out this article about how “free, readily available public produce holds the key to getting healthy again”.

President Obama’s Message on Climate Change and Green Jobs

This article details the change in tone the Obama administration has taken when discussing climate change. Have you noticed this change in rhetoric in how the president addresses the issues? Do you think it’s a strong idea to change the tone?