Four Ways Climate Change can Ground the Airline Industry

Now that it is finally summertime, many of us will be enjoying the warm weather and the perk of being off from school. Airplanes, for the most part, are the transportation of choice for their speed, convenience, and ease, but there are also several factors that may make some of us reconsider this option. Read the article below published by the Environmental Defense Fund on July 9th to learn more about the hazards of airports and airplanes:


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Endangered Species: You Can Help!

There are currently over 16,000 endangered species around the world due to causes such as deforestation, industrialization, and climate change. Although there are some forces that we cannot stop, there are some ways we can help. Read the article below posted by the Environmental Defense Fund to find out more how a small Texas town was able to help the golden-cheeked warbler, an endangered species, prosper and reproduce:


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States Cut Power Plant Pollution Ahead of new EPA Rule

By now, we are all aware of how carbon dioxide emissions are harmful to not only us, but the environment as well. With that in mind, government, specifically the Environmental Protection Agency, has been coming up with ways to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions being emitted by power plants and other large corporations alike. Some individuals though, have already taken on the task themselves. 42 states have already began reducing their carbon footprint within the last 7 years. Although this is a majority of states, 8 of those states have actually increased their emissions which essentially negates the work of the other 42 states. Read the article below posted by the Scientific American on which states are heading in the right direction and alternative uses of energy that large businesses can use to reduce their amount of carbon dioxide emissions:

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Hope for the Dramatic Climate Change

By now, we have all probably realized the weather has been all over the place the past few years; crazy snow storms to sweltering, hot temperatures (especially these past few weeks). These factors are due to the amount of greenhouse gases being emitted which trap heat into the atmosphere. This causes an abundance of issues really changing the way our environment works. An example of this would be our current weather; this year is reaching a peak for global temperatures as one of the hottest summers. Key players are: the United States, the European Union and China, yet scientists are still not completely defeated. To find out more about climate change and the hope that scientists now have, read the article below posted by the Environmental Defense Fund:

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Green Events

Hey Bearcats! Looking for something to do this summer? Why not check out some of these FREE green events happening around New York City:
Here are some other great events that all cost $20 or less:…/events/lighting-controls………/examining-net-positive-water…

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