Psychology Day at The United Nations (April 24th, 2014)

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This event will focus on the three pillars of sustainable development, with presentations from psychologists and UN representatives addressing how the science and practice of psychology can be used to advance social, environmental, and economic well-being.

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Emerging Leaders Exchanging Visions of a More Just and Resilient Urban Environment: Hosted by The New School (April 11-12th)

New School

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Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About Climate Change?

ipcc-chart1450The levels of concern for Climate Change come in varying degrees – the extent, to which individuals are willing to engage in sustainable behaviors and the motivations behind said behaviors, differ from person to person. What makes people take notice and talk about Climate Change? What generates the buzz? For one, the extent to which it is discussed in media outlets. If the perils of Climate Change are misrepresented and information is not dispersed as it should be, people are placed at a disadvantage; after all, why would one seek a resolution to something they aren’t convinced is a problem? Climate Change is believed by many to be a valid threat to the sustainability of both future and present generations. In spite of the high stakes and overwhelming scientific evidence, certain media outlets have repeatedly downplayed the severity of the situation and assisted in casting a shadow of doubt over the predicament. Below you will find a video by Stanford’s Stephen Schneider (a former Environmental Biology Professor), an article in which the Guardian’s John Abraham and Dana Nuccitelli call out a number of media outlets for their questionable coverage of Climate Change, and a rebuttal article posted on – one of the media outlets called out by Abraham and Nuccitelli. You be the judge – the dangers of Climate Change, legitimate peril or fiction?

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Beyond Oil NYC Part-time Internship (Winter/Spring 2014)

solar bulbThe safe amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is 350 ppm, according to the Mauna Loa Observatory the amount of co2 in the atmosphere as of November 2013 was 395.10 ppm. It is believed and backed by significant research, that global warming is a consequence of the increased industrial activity that’s transpired post the industrial revolution. Concluding that global warming and the disastrous effects that accompany it are largely manmade, is perceivably a difficult pill to swallow, but implies that the problem is not wholly out of our control. Sustainable behaviors can assist in addressing the very real problems that global warming presents – one such behavior would be the utilization of solar energy.

“With prices for solar energy systems dropping and abundant financial incentives for their purchase, solar energy is a better investment than ever. However, efforts to expand solar power capacity in NYC still have not taken advantage of the ability of nonprofit groups to promote solar energy to their local contacts.

Beyond Oil NYC, a nonprofit volunteer advocacy project, is offering a part time internship with flexible hours in winter/spring 2014. Interns will select a NYC neighborhood, and compile a list of its community based organizations, civic leaders and faith organizations, and contact them by phone, email and in person to enlist their participation in a marketing program for solar energy systems. The supervisor will provide the intern with abundant guidance in community organizing and program promotion. There is no salary, but may be a stipend depending on performance.

A new solar marketing program, which has been successfully tested by a business service nonprofit in Queens, encourages nonprofit groups to contact their constituents who own large buildings about installing solar power systems on their roofs. Their incentive is a referral fee – a percentage of any solar system purchase cost from any of their constituents who they contact. There is no charge for the nonprofit to participate, and all marketing materials are provided. Undergraduates with a strong interest in sustainability, resilience, urban affairs and government are invited to apply. “


Experience or interest in sustainability, resilience, renewable energy and climate change response
Experience or interest in government, public policy, and urban affairs
Must be comfortable with cold calling
Must be a self starter, and be persistent
Having community connections is a plus
Experience or interest in research and / or community development
Excellent written and verbal communications skills
Excellent computer and web skills
Excellent organizational, analytical and critical thinking skills
Experience in working with community groups or small teams

To apply:

Send a cover letter and resume to


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United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization Infographic Details


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