How to Market your International Experience on your Resume

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Including international experience on your resume, such as from studying or working abroad can be beneficial and stand out to an employer if it is articulated properly. International experience expresses openness to different ideas as well as good communication skills. The following are tips for effective ways of presenting your experience abroad on your resume.

  • Concentrate on your accomplishments and expertise. Your resume should be based around what you have gained from your trip and not simply list the places you visited.
  • Include any courses you took under the header of “Education” and any volunteer work/internships you did internationally under “relevant work experience.”
  • Make sure you know who your audience is and tailor your resume accordingly. A resume written for a potential employer should be different from one written for a graduate school.
  • Include any relevant details about your experience abroad such as volunteer work and independent studies.

Aside from your resume, when conversing with a future employer about your experiences abroad, explain that your intercultural know-how will be helpful in a diverse workforce. These tips should help give a potential employer or graduate school a better understanding of your international experience.

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