The Biggest Social Network You’ve Never Heard Of “Whatsapp”

Whatsapp Logo: Image credits by infotodo Mexico

Whatsapp Logo: Image credits by Infotodo Mexico

When it comes to social networks, you have a large selection to choose from: Facebook, Twitter, BlogSpot, (and to name a few, even MySpace), but a new app is on the rise which is connecting people in a whole new way!

WhatsApp Messenger is revolutionizing the way people get in touch, all through the use of their smartphones.  Without confusing international charges, this cross-platform application enables users to send messages to one another for free! WhatsApp handles ten billion messages each day – an indication of the popularity of the service.  The application’s only requirement for users to easily connect worldwide without worrying about text messaging rates is an Internet connection or data plan.

However, this type of app is not a new idea, as BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), already allows those with BlackBerry phones to text for free, as does Apple’s iMessage, which also allows any Apple device such as the iPhone or iPad to send messages free.

What makes Whatsapp different is that it allows phones from different platforms to message. This means that anybody with an iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone or Nokia phone can text as much as they want without worrying about exceeding their monthly SMS limit.  Thus, I would recommend giving WhatsApp a try especially if you will be studying or working abroad through our Center in the near future. This will enable you to keep in touch with your friends and family while you’re away!


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  1. Daniel Ramdular says:

    I like this article. It’s a good article.

  2. For me WhatsApp is a BBM for non BlackBerry devices. You can have a group chat with multi platform mobile devices, and guess what.. it also run on BlackBerry. +1 for WhatsApp.

  3. WhatsApp is cross platform. Regardless of whether you have WhatsApp installed on your iPad, Blackberry, Nokia or Android phone, you will be able to send messages to anybody who also has WhatsApp installed. This is one feature that has allowed it to be a step up ahead from the rest of its competitor.

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