Ronald McDonald: The Global Citizen?

A McDonald’s drive-thru in Vietnam via McDonaldsCorp

A McDonald’s drive-thru in Vietnam –  via McDonaldsCorp

When you think of the phrase “fast food”, the first thought that probably comes to mind is two large golden arches. This is in no way a coincidence; it’s the direct result of the power that McDonald’s has in today’s society.

Since it first opened its doors in 1948, McDonald’s has extended its reach to over 119 countries. McDonald’s has been able to takeover in countries because the company assimilates fairly well by putting its own spin on local cuisine. For example, after opening up its stores in India, McDonald’s had to adapt its meat-based menu items to a country that is for the most part vegetarian.   To counter this problem, McDonald’s came up with the McAloo, a familiar set of buns with a potato patty instead of meat in the middle. Similarly, the franchise offers the McBurrito in Mexico and the Big Kahuna in Australia.

Vietnam is the latest country to be inhabited by the franchise in its conquest to achieving global domination. Business is doing extremely well in Vietnam for the fast-food giant as the branch has served more than 400,000 customers in its first month of business. In the first 24-hours after opening alone, roughly 22,500 customers were able to sink their teeth into McDonald’s world famous burgers and fries – which for most, was the first time.

A big factor as to whether or not McDonalds will survive in Vietnam is the price point of its products. McDonalds is known for being a place where you can eat on a tight budget here in America but how does it stack up in Vietnam?  The company’s $3.10 McPork burger doesn’t look too appetizing when compared to Vietnam’s average salaries and typical food prices.

This brings up the question of whether or not McDonalds is even needed in other countries. The company isn’t really doing much for farmers, as most of the meat and potatoes are imported straight from the U.S.

It is unrealistic for McDonalds to be a staple in the Vietnamese diet, as most only make $185 a month and a burger ranges from $3-$4. For now, the success of McDonalds in Vietnam will be a direct result of the economy and whether or not the people of the country are ready to give the Golden Arches a chance.

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  1. I don’t know how McDonald’s or any fast food Franchise can make it in Country’s like Vietnam, were people make under $200 per month!

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