Dispatches from Austria: Part I

Spending an entire semester abroad takes daring and a sense of adventure. Vienna Liu definitely has both! She spent last fall in Austria, in the city of Vienna, where she had the adventure of a lifetime. While in Vienna, she kept a journal of her experiences. Check out the first part below!   My First […]

Destination: Costa Rica

Maybe you’re majoring or minoring in economics or finance. Or perhaps you’re looking to study abroad, but you’re not sure where to go. Have you ever thought about Costa Rica? The Weisman Center’s Study Abroad Office is offering a winter intersession study abroad program that could be just what you’re looking for. The program is […]

Student Stars: Anna Deng

Name: Anna Deng Major: Marketing Expected Graduation Year: 2014   Anna Deng, a member of AIESEC Baruch, worked abroad in Budapest this past summer. She volunteered to be a part of GlobeKids, an organization that enables people to strive for a better world and strengthens cultural understanding while improving their own abilities. As a trainee, […]

Student Stars: Nadine Suleiman – Teaching Kids at Skouras Camp

  Name: Nadine Suleiman Major: Marketing Expected Graduation Year: 2014 Nadine Suleiman believes that traveling is one of the greatest opportunities students have. She was able to seize this chance when she flew to Thessaloniki, Greece with the guidance of and a travel grant from the Weissman Center for International Business.   Nadine interned at […]

Exploring Shanghai: A Brief Look

To the western world, Shanghai (上海: Shànghǎi, “the city above sea”) is now mainly known for its looming skyscrapers, sprawling subway system, and its impressive shopping centers devoted to what appears to be the pursuit of consumerist ideology – it almost sounds a bit like New York, right? That said, if you are willing to […]

Save the Date: Baruch Study Abroad Fair 9/13/12

If you have ever considered studying abroad, now is the time to act! The Weissman Center for International Business at Baruch College will be hosting our annual Study Abroad Fair this week.   When:  Thursday September 13th, 2012 (12:30 PM to 2:30 PM) Where:  55 Lexington Ave. Vertical Campus Multipurpose Room   Fair attendees will have […]

Baodao 報道: Dispatches from China (Cultural Differences: Appearance)

A fellow classmate recently came to me very upset after being called “too chubby” by a Chinese native. Long story short, the value of physical appearance is very much rooted into the Chinese culture. While the younger generations in China are trying to overcome the existing biases permeating throughout the society, others may still hold […]

Baodao 報道: Dispatches from China (Modernization and the Environmental Impact)

  In China’s ever continuing quest to modernize, many cities – especially ones undergoing rapid development – have become increasingly polluted. This is especially true in Nanjing, as the city continues to work simultaneously on several large-scale projects – the largest of which would arguably be the construction of various commuter subway lines. The Nanjing […]

Baodao 報道: Dispatches from China (First Impressions)

Greetings from Nanjing!  It’s a pleasure to be reporting from China, while I am studying abroad here. It didn’t take too long to adjust to the new environment upon arrival in China, but this is likely because I have had some instruction in Mandarin back in the States and and travel experience from my study […]

Studying Abroad in Berlin, Germany

By Einat Semel I remember I was torn between studying abroad in Germany and staying in New York City. I was struggling with the decision for a few months. I wanted to w elcome a change of pace and countries that are a little bit more pleasing to the eye. I needed to figure out […]