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Think, Pair, Share in Chinese Literature

Activity aim:  To understand the concept of the “national character” in Lu Xun’s short stories

Materials: Pen and paper

Time: 15-20 minutes

Activity description:

  • Post a question on slide: What constitutes the Chinese national character Lu Xun criticizes and tries to reform in his short stories? Find specific examples to illustrate your definition.
  • Students will work on themselves, identify relevant passages in the texts and write down the definition of the “national character” on paper.
  • Students will exchange their writings with a partner and comment on each other’s definition.
  • Students will discuss with their partner and come to a conclusion.
  • Students will discuss as a class and reach a definition and understanding.

This activity was developed by Qiulei Hu as part of the Baruch College Center for Teaching and Learning Summer Seminar on Active Learning.



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