Suess characters Thing 1 and Thing 2 sitting next to each other

Notes Completion

Activity aim: Encourages note-taking; gives students time to review notes and concepts; promotes peer-to-peer learning; allows students to share note-taking strategies

Materials: Class notes

Time: ~5-10 minutes

Activity Description: At the end of a content-heavy class or portion of class, have students divide into pairs or very small groups (no more than 3 students/group).

In the group, students compare notes to see what aspects of the class they each took down. Students should help each other complete their notes, making sure that all students in the group have notes about relevant information from class.

At the end of the time allotted to complete notes, each group will report back to the class about:

  • Notes every student in the group had
  • Notes that only some group members had
  • Any gaps they found between concepts/notes
  • Remaining questions they have about content from that day

To gauge what students have understood, it might be helpful to follow up this activity with The Muddiest Point and the Clearest Point.

Image Credit: JD Hancock