Feb 10

At the beginning when social networking started to become popular, I wasn’t interesting that’s why I never sign up for my space or other social network. even though, all my friends and my sister were telling  me how “cool” my space was, I didn’t sing up.

As the time passed and I realized how amazing the technology is, I started spending more time in my hotmail messenger  trying to meet more people, which it was fun I met a lot of people and enjoyed chatting with them, but I have to stop  because i feel like I was wasting a lot  time . when I started to heard about Facebook I didn’t want to open an account because is a website  more personal, and i thought it was like my space.

When my best friend was  telling me about facebook, how great it was, that you could  make  more friends and reconnecting with people that I haven’t see them from along time. Even though, I was curious about it  I didn’t see the point in making an account because I was trying to do good in school . But as heard more people talking about facebook my curiosity grew up more and more.

Finally, 2008 I joined Facebook. My friend was right I found all my friends from high school, friends that I lost contact because they moved to another state, or different life style.  I had good time when we shared old memories, pictures. There seems to me that the time didn’t pass. I also, like to read the articles, or  watch the  youtube videos that my friends posted.

Social Network are  very helpful. When I took a photography class I had to use Flickr it was  a great experiences in terms of how organizing photos. And now Twitter, I never used it before hopefully by the end of the semester I will understand how Twitter works.

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  1. 1 mgershovich
    2:28 pm - 2-14-2012

    How have the changes to FB since 2008 affected your experience of connecting with friends and family members? Do you feel the site has evolved to better serve the purpose of reconnecting with friends, staying in touch, and sharing information and media? Do you play games on FB? Is there anything about it that you don’t like? Has its impact on your ife been entirely positive?

  2. 2 Angelica Rodriguez
    1:15 pm - 2-20-2012

    FB has being changed a lot now they have the timeline which i think is nice the way it looks the background picture and the little one that is supposed to be the profile picture. i think is great the way it looks I love pictures, but i’m not photogenic thats why i don’t really post many of my pictures. I also, like how they highlight the best story . the reconnecting with people i feel the same may be is because I already have all my friends that I want to keep in contact. I don’t play games on Fb because is time consuming and I don’t have time for that but I hear they are fun I might trying them. FB has changed my life in a positive way that I could chat with people that I haven’t see in along time and FB update me with all my friends stories but also, what is going on in the world and the things that I’m interesting. Like if something important happened I don’t need to be on front of the TV i just can click on FB and i could see what is going on.