Mar 05

When I started reading the first pages of the book when he talks about Tv, it reminds me when I was in High School and I used to have a lot time and all I used to do it was watching Tv . Since , I got up the first thing I did was turn on the television and get ready for school, I used to have breakfast in the living room with television on, do my homework, and cleaning my bedroom the same way. I remember that after my classes, I used to run to get to my house to watch my favorite Tv show, it was insane how Tv used to control my life. At the beginning my mom didnt say anything she thought it was normal and because she has to work many hours she didn’t notice for how long I was watching Tv and during the weekends I used to go out with friends and my dance classes, church, so for my mom that was normal I used to behave as a good girl, until she started coming early for work is when she find that out that I had an addiction with the Tv ,she was so mad at me that she cancel the cable and we didn’t have Tv for a few months. After, I stop watching Tv and because my life totally changed now if I watch Tv 5 hours a week Im lucky is because between school,my job and my yoga classes absorb all my free time. Shirky also, compare Tv with Gin ,which is true both things can give an addiction.

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  1. 1 mgershovich
    1:26 pm - 3-12-2012

    So how might your experience with television illustrate Shirky’s larger argument? How might we present your story using Shirky’s terms?