Feb 20

Manovich described  automation as a new media objects can be created automatically and can be manipulated easily.  Automation is the automatic change of elements that may already exist. An example of this is the word processor can change to any format needed for the person who intends to use it, automatically. Another example is photoshop image. We can create any image by manipulate the changes made to an image so that the desired look could be created.

I agree with Manovich about that the human intent could be removed in part of the creative process.this probably why computer programs allow the user choose and move objects of the media format already exits. Is surprising how media has being change and how we can create new things.

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  1. 1 mgershovich
    4:01 pm - 2-21-2012

    What other examples of automation in Manovich’s sense can you think of? Can you illustrate his arguments about automation using your experiences with this site? Which processes are automated and how?

    Also, I am interested to know how and why you agree with Manovich about human intent. I’d love to see you build that idea further.