Mar 21

As we know technology is been extended now days, which it makes things easy for us. Some people love it, other’s not much. all this new technology makes our lives much easier. Rose’s assertion about  new media  that now days everyone have access to any kind of program, which the new media make us participate with the new technology.

In fact, the blogs are make to express ourselves through the computer is like we are in control on whatever we want to say, and sometimes we dare not to say. We also , can be part of any change that we want to make in any website or  blog.

I like the way , Jay Rose refers to”the people formerly known as the audience ” he is right now people not just want to get information but also , they want to interact with the new media, that’s why facebook has been so successful because it allows us to be part of it. I think we are in control of the new  media because we have the choice of how  we set up our privacy.

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