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Greetings my fellow LC, Baruch students and faculty, and well, everyone reading this blog.  My name is Alex Boumoussa, I’m 18 years old, and I started Baruch this year as a little freshman, even though no one in the school thinks I’m a freshman.  Beside enjoying long walks on the beach, I also have many other passions, such working on cars, hunting, watching NFL football (The New England Patriots are my favorite team), working out, and meeting new people.  Knowing only 2 people entering Baruch, making new friends and connections is something i have been doing almost every day since I have started here.

Everyone has had events occur in their life that have shaped their values and beliefs.  Though not one specific event comes to mind, my general experiences growing up in a catholic high school, financial plummeting of the U.S. market, and the passings of my grandmother and dog have taught me to be loving and accepting of all people.  To have respect for everyone and not take anything granted because you never know when something you, such as your family and financial security, is going to be taken away in an instant.

My expectations as a college student is to not only make new friends and associates, but to become a better educated person.  I hold education as the foremost important thing in life, for without it it is difficult to earn a good living, help others in your family and community, and be a informed citizens to improve your country.  I know college will equip me the skills I need to succeed in my future.  For my first semester I hope to maintain high grades so I keep my scholarship and to remain a fighter in todays competitive society.  I hope I adapt to the very different college style of taking notes, reading textbooks, and writing papers to do well in my classes. I also hope to absorb the information being taught to me, but most importantly, enjoy the city environment around me that offers such an abundance of great and diverse people, and even better food. My only concern is I hope I control this adventurous want to try new foods and to avoid gaining the “Freshman Fifteen.”


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