Community Service


The Community Service project that I took part in this semester did help me reach out and utilize the resources around me. More than the actual support centers of Baruch, I was able to learn from my fellow group members. The entire process was a testament to efficient teamwork and to intuitive execution. I found that I was able to learn from the way my fellow peers went about completing a task, and will attempt to apply their creativity, diligence, and  professionalism to future assignments that I complete. I was fortunate enough to work with honors students and see the type of work ethic and skills that earned them that title.


In addition to learning from my peers, this project helped me to a degree in utilizing the faculty to learn from their expertise. Both Sandy and Ms. Lalite helped to offer advice and constructive criticism in making our presentation successful. Unfortunately, I did not seek out any support centers such as the library or student clubs as a result of this project. Yet it did help in affirming my trust and appreciation for the continuous assistance offered to me in the form of my amazing advisors.


In the next semester I do plan on joining at least one club, and possibly joining the school newspaper. Maybe it is a coincidence, but I have been more active in reaching out and communicating with my professors and other faculty. I have been speaking with Dr. Abe Tawil, a dean and professor of management in Baruch, in planning out my future course- taking strategy, and in finding my major. I was also made aware of the STARR development center through this course, which i know will prove to help me tremendously here in Baruch.


I was lucky enough that my High School made a requirement for me to complete a huge amount of community service hours before I graduate. From then on, I valued the importance of service and incorporated it into my life. The project did help me diversify the type of service and the experiences I had taken part in previously. As of now, I am unsure of where ill be in three years. I hope that if i continue to soak up everything that is offered to me, experience as many different disciplines as possible, I will find my calling.

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