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It is truly a blessing to have all kinds of resource available in college. Throughout the Community Service Project preparation, I have come to understand and appreciate the roles of faculty and staff. First of all, without them, we would not be participating in this project. As we are also required to present to faculty, staff, and peers, the feedbacks and comments we received from them have come to refine my thinking about the meaning of community service. Although I have not gone to the support center for the community service project, I have gone to the writing center a few times for my English class and it has proved to be very helpful. I have really come to appreciate such support centers and the people within them. I have yet to join a student club but I am looking into it and do plan on joining one, perhaps next year. I believe these resources that are readily available, whether it be for my team project or other matters, will contribute to my success as a person and as a student within Baruch College. Faculty, staff, and peers can serve as role models for me and people whom I can seek guidance from and perhaps confide in. Support centers and the library can help with technical stuff with the loads of other resources they provide. Such resources will guide me, through the college path of other courses and my future success, as I learn to utilize them.

My understanding of community service has gone to a deeper level as a result of my participation in the project since it pushes me to think past the mere action of serving but the meaning of serving. Although the project is a only requirement, my group and I decide to make it more than just a requirement and turn it into something meaningful. This project is a great inspiration for me as it allows me to contribue to and engage in the community. I have come to appreciate what I have, for example, resources in college, and learn to utilize that in order to help others. In the next three years, I will actively participate in clubs and community services as well as in academics. I won’t only be a student studying hard to finish school, but also a student working hard to contribute to the society.

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