Fringe Boricua Filmmaking in NYC: Reimagining the Queer Archive

The experimental short film Patitos comiendo arroz (Patitos eating rice) directed by playwright-director and filmmaker Javier Antonio González is a freewheeling collaboration with his artistic troupe, Caborca. The film is inspired by the groundbreaking book la novelabingo (Editorial El libro viaje 1976/Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña, 2011) by renowned (from a critical standpoint,) yet obscured Diasporican-queer writer, […]

“Puerto Rico en mi Corazón,” Poetics of Care and Dissent

Edited by Carina del Valle Schorske, Ricardo Maldonado, Erica Mena, and  Raquel Salas Rivera, the poetry anthology Puerto Rico en mi corazón is a complex project of networking, printmaking, translation, and climate justice activism that goes beyond the actual book. The collection embodies feminist and queer poetics of care, diasporic communion and intimacy, decolonial politics, and […]

Caribbean Historical Fictions Written by BLS Students

Introduction by Professor Rojo Robles The following stories are historical fiction created by students of my course LTS/BLS/LACS 4902 Latin America and the Caribbean: Cultures and Societies. In the class and in the assignment the students were surveying key points in the history and culture of Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America until the 19th […]