Major/Minor in BLS/LTS/LACS

As of Fall 2022, Baruch College is offering a Bachelor of Science degree in Black and Latino Studies!  You can learn more about our Spring 2024 courses here.

You can learn more about declaring a BLS major here.  You can declare a BLS, LTS, or LACS minor here.

The Black and Latino Studies major offers interdisciplinary, intersectional approaches to the study of the ideas, history, politics, literature, music, religions, cultures, economic and social contributions by people of African and Latin American descent, including the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

The department’s learning goals are real-world career skills. They cultivate student thinking in ways that support theoretical knowledge and practical skills for work and for life after college.  Its commitment to active and empowered teaching and learning supports cultures of creativity, problem solving, and community engagement.  Through course content, research practice, and fieldwork, upon completion of  the BLS major students will be able to:


  • Closely read and contextualize texts and artifacts related to Black and Latino Studies
  • Articulate multiple scholarly and applied theories of culture, power, and social change
  • Assess and evaluate both quantitative and qualitative evidence and arguments
  • Analyze knowledge production using interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary perspectives
  • Communicate complex ideas and arguments in written, oral, and digital forms


  • Identify, explain, and analyze key dynamics in cultural, political, economic, and/or ecological issues that specifically affect Black and Latino peoples
  • Develop community-engaged, practical applications to classroom learning
  • Reflect on the ethics of cross-cultural research, representation, and collaboration
  • Practice skills that support career preparedness and/or graduate studies

Public Knowledge Projects

  • Create and share accessible content and resources that advance racial and social justice
  • Design and conduct critical research that offers practical solutions concerning relevant social and cultural questions
  • Connect coursework with community interests and concerns

Minors in Black and Latino Studies

The department currently offers minors in the areas of Black Studies (BLS), and Latino Studies (LTS), and in Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LACS). The minor is 9 credits, including a capstone course.

Questions?  Contact any BLS/LTS professor, or Department Chair   Professor Shelly Eversley