Major/Minor in BLS/LTS/LACS

This discipline is interdisciplinary and intersectional.  It explores the social, political, cultural, and economic history of Black and Latino peoples throughout the world from ancient to modern times.


Themes include community economic development, micro-enterprise and small business, nonprofit organizations, culture and identity, the development of community, social and public policy, migration processes, and media.

The department offers a range of interdisciplinary courses as well as several cross-listed in English, History, Communications, Modern Languages, Political Science, Sociology/Anthropology, Comparative Literature, and Fine  and Performing Arts.


For now, you can declare BLS as an ad hoc major.  We created this BLS Ad Hoc Sequence PDF of recommended courses that make the process much more simple.

You can complete this form to get started.

Questions?  Contact Professor Shelly Eversley

THE MINOR (is easy).

You can download and complete  this form for a minor in BLS  or LACS.

There are two minors in the department:  Black Studies/Latino Studies (BLS) and Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LACS).

The requirements to complete the liberal arts BLS minor can be fulfilled by completing any two courses in the department at the 3000-level or above with the BLS or LTS prefix (many of these are crosslisted with other departments).  You must also complete the capstone course BLS /LTS4900.

To complete the liberal arts minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies, students must take one of the required capstone courses (LACS 4901 or LACS 4902), and two 3000-level or above LACS electives  offered by the participating departments: Black and Latino Studies, Communication Studies, English, Fine and Performing Arts, History, Modern Languages and Comparative Literature, Political Science, and Sociology and Anthropology. One Feit Seminar on Latin American and Caribbean cultures and societies may replace one of the courses toward the minor, with approval from the Program Director.

You can download and complete  this form for a minor in BLS  or LACS.