Queer and Trans Liberation! April 18, 6-8PM

Join us for the Addison Gayle Seminar in conversation with Dr. Roderick A. Ferguson (Yale University). A PDF of his essay, “Queer and Trans Liberation and the Critique of Fascism, or When S.T.A.R. Met Césaire and the Frankfurt School” is available here, if you’d like to read it in advance. April 18, 2024 6-8PM NVC 14-285 Continue reading Queer and Trans Liberation! April 18, 6-8PM

Fall 24 Electives!

BLACK AND LATINO STUDIES ELECTIVES FALL 2024 BLS 3015              Black Economic Development       Arthur Lewin         Th 6:05pm-9:00pm         BLS 3024              Women of Color                    Keisha Allan                   TR 10:45am-12:00pm    BLS 3038              Caribbean Literature           Rebecca Salois               TR 2:30pm-3:45pm       BLS 3050              Race and Global Inequity             Karanja Carroll        TR 4:10pm-5:25pm         BLS 3085              Mixed Race Literature             Rafael Walker           TR 2:30pm-3:45pm         BLS 4900              Seminar Black and Latino Studies      Shelly Eversley     F 11:10am-2:05pm         LTS 3007               Puerto Rican Culture                    Rojo Robles Mejias         W 6:05pm-9:00pm          LTS 3021               U.S Mexican Border               Lizbeth de la Cruz Santana         MW 10:45am-12:00pm LTS 3050               Race and Global Inequality    Karanja Carroll                 TR 4:10pm-5:25pm         LTS 3059               Latin American Fiction in the U.S.  Lizbeth de la Cruz Santana MW 12:50pm-2:05pm   LTS 3100               Latino Communities in the U.S.           Gustavo … Continue reading Fall 24 Electives!

Spring 24 Electives are here!

BLS 3013: Mass Media & Black Americans            Dr.Arthur Lewin         TH 6:05pm-9:00pm BLS 3019           Afro-Latinidades                               Dr.Rojo Robles Mejias              MW 10:45am-12:00pm BLS 3200           Climate Justice*                                     Dr. Shelly Eversley                         F 11:10am-2:05pm BLS 3835           Black Women Writers                           Dr. Keisha Allan                        TR 10:45am-12:00pm BLS 4900           Seminar Black and Latino Studies         Dr. Keisha Allan                         TR 4:10pm-5:25pm BLS 4902           Latin America and the Caribbean         Prof. Joseph Caceres            TR 10:45am-12:00pm BLS 4902           Latin America and the Caribbean  Dr. Gustavo Quintero Vera W 6:05pm-9:00pm (online) BLS 5100           Fieldwork in Racial and Social Justice*    Dr. Karanja Carroll       T 6:05pm-9:00p (hybrid) LTS 3012           Latinas: Soc & Cult Survey                  Dr. Rebecca … Continue reading Spring 24 Electives are here!