Qualitative inquiry cultivates the most useful of all human capacities – the capacity to learn from others. P. Sargent

This course is designed to engage students in the theory and practice of qualitative social research. You will explore various philosophical assumptions and theories of qualitative research. As a group we will learn about qualitative research methods commonly employed in corporate communication research, with special attention paid to question construction, interviewing, focus groups and develop skills in writing up research findings.





The group discussed elements to include in the chapter reviews.

  • Page numbers and directing readers to examples or charts in the chapter
  • Definitions and concepts, both basic and complex
  • Elements that relate to the theory and structure of qualitative research
  • Elements that relate to writing for qualitative  research studies
  • Highlighting what seems relevant to individual researchers or the class as a whole
  • Pitfalls or tips for researchers
  • Inspiration for researchers