Female Point of View in Reading Corporate Male Gender Melancholia

For my mini study, I am examining the ways in which the female point-of-view read the male gender melancholia in Valley Town- a post WWII educational film from late 1940s. The film depicts the lifestyle of working class factory families and the repercussions with being a part of that phenomenon. For my mini-study, I have screened a one and a half minute scene from Valley Town to three female participants, of whom all come from relatively different backgrounds. I have asked them 5 questions on how they interpreted the scene and they have written it down in a document. In the questions I asked them specifically how they observed both the husband and wife’s gender melancholia, and in my discussion of my study I focused on how the female point of view plays an instrumental role in interpreting the corporate melancholia due to the fact that women’s point of view and ideas have historically been silenced, derailed, or simply ignored. Interpreting the melancholia from a female point of view will provide a more nuanced understanding of corporate masculinities and gender melancholia- both topics which I have chosen to explore in my upcoming thesis study.

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