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Manuel’s Greetings

Hi guys. I’m Manuel Alejandro Rodríguez Pardo, MARP for… commercial purposes. I’m about to finish the Master’s degree and jump over the turbulent american job market. You can get to know me a little bit better through my last commercial.


Hi everyone!

I’m Courtney, the token Canadian. I’m in my third and final course-based semester of the program and will be moving back to the motherland, Toronto, in 40 days to write my thesis and find gainful employment! Crazy. 

I’m a pretty big nerd and love science fiction (from Phillip K. Dick to Doctor Who), reading, feminism, Canadian politics, the CBC, and cats.




I’ve been the Corp. Comm. program for three years now and I only have a 3 classes to finish (woo hoo!). I’m interested in employee communications, rebranding, corporate culture.

One of my favorite things music and dancing. Love, love, love the funk, disco-hustle era of music, and of course latin music/dance.



I am currently a student in the Corporate Communications MA program at Baruch College.  In addition to being a graduate student I also work for Allstate Insurance Company, and live in Harlem.





I am Hui. I like insects. I wear glasses but I don’t really like them. I am from China.

I just redid this to see whether the video clip can be shown.

The New Room is coming back soon.



I am an MBA Marketing student at Baruch who works in the marketing department of a non-profit health care organization. My mini study discusses how corporate culture impacts compliance. Many companies struggle with compliance and some efforts look like the one below.

Introduction – Sheena

After a year and a half here at Baruch, pursuing a Masters degree in Corporate Communication, I am now starting to formulate the ideas for my thesis. My research will focus on the different corporate performance evaluation systems used today, and their effect on employee motivation. My professional background is primarily in accounting and auditing with a specialization in financial services, however my experience has brought me upon interesting people and situations in the corporate workplace. These encounters have lead me to take a closer look at corporate culture through research.

All the best to my fellow classmates!



Hello, my name is Ellissa.

As a corporate communications graduate student, it would be easy to guess that I love corporations. Working for them, buying from them, and most importantly, communicating for them. But I want to spend my time researching the people who don’t like corporations. Anti-corporatism seems to be on the rise these days (Occupy Wall Street, anyone?) and I’d like to investigate why.

Also I’m from New York and love coffee!

Marissa Levitan

I am in the Corporate Communications Master’s program at Baruch. I also work at a Human Resources Consulting firm in the Health & Benefits consulting department. I studied Art History in college.