Corporate Culture and Philanthropy

Personally, working in the non-profit sector I am always looking for new companies to engage and reach out to about fundraising or volunteer work. If there was a study done to explore the thoughts and opinion of employees from different companies and see the compare different company environments and the correlation to philanthropy that would lead to great insight for non-profits as well as other companies. It will allow said companies to form plans or initiatives to reach out and engage new employees or companies similar to the ones studied that have shown great interest or commitment to philanthropy efforts.My goal is to seek to explore different corporate cultures and environments and the philanthropy programs or feelings about philanthropy from the general employees of those companies. The framework I chose to conduct my research is a narrative study method.I interviews 4 people all from different industries here in NYC. There were great stories told about the environment in which they work and how their company is involved in philanthropy efforts and why they get involved in certain organizations. Overall my study allowed me to explore the different environments and how they correlate to philanthropy but more importantly I came to the conclusion that non-profits should not necessarily only focus on engaging the corporation as a whole but  a lot of great outreach and volunteerism started from a single individual at the grassroots level.