Baruch Conversation Partners Program


Timesheets are distributed through email to accepted applicants of the program after they have been matched. 

As a CPP member, you are committing to meeting your partner six times this semester (meetups should be evenly spaced out throughout the semester).  All members who wish to have proof of participation MUST fill out their timesheet in a timely manner (it must be submitted to CPP 48 hours after each meeting with your partner). We will not accept late time sheets or time sheets indicating 6 consecutive days of meet-ups or meet-ups that all take place at the end of the semester. All falsely recorded time sheets will be investigated and you will not be provided with proof of Attendance/Participation nor will you receive a CPP Certificate.

When you participate in the CPP, there are several options (it is possible to pursue the options simultaneously:

1. Be a program participant:

Program Participant Requirements:

    • Commit to meeting your partner one-on-one for at least one hour, at least six times throughout the semester (meetings must be evenly spread throughout the semester). If you have more than one partner, you are committing to meet EACH partner one-on-one at least six times throughout the semester.
    • Complete the timesheet* within 48 hours after meeting with your partner. The deadline for the last submission is 11:59pm EST on Monday, May 13th, 2024. Make sure your partner fills out the form as well.

2. Receive a CPP Certificate: if you would like to be even more involved and receive a Conversation Partners Program Certificate at the end of the semester, see below for the additional requirements.

Spring 2024: CPP Certificate Requirements: 

    • Meet with at least one partner a minimum of 6 times one-on-one, and each meeting must be at least an hour long (meetings must be evenly spread throughout a semester)
    • Complete the timesheet* within 48 hours after meeting with your partner. The deadline for the last timesheet submission is 11:59pm EST on Monday, May 13th, 2024. Make sure your partner fills out the form as well.
    • Attend at least 3 CPP events. This means 3 events plus the General Interest Meeting (GIM)/Orientation. GIMs do not count towards the events requirement.
    • Complete the end-of-the-semester feedback survey (more information to come)
    • Write a short reflection paper or complete a mini project (more information to come)

3. Receive extra credit from your professor: Some professors offer their students extra credit when they participate in CPP. Talk to your professor about the possibility of receiving extra credit.

Extra Credit Requirements:

    • If your professor agrees to assign extra credit for participating in CPP, please ensure you understand their specific requirements. For example, many professors require you to verify you have met your partner 6 times in a semester by submitting a copy of your timesheet* to them in addition to CPP. CPP plays no role in the assignment of extra credit to your professor. We are only able to provide you with a timesheet log upon request after you finish six meetings with your partner or at the end of the semester.

*NOTE: COVID-19 is also affecting our timesheet and certificate system. Therefore, beginning Fall 2021, paper timesheets are no longer used. Accepted applicants who are matched will receive their personalized timesheet link (a personalized Google form for you and your matched partner) in their pair-matching emails.  Please do not share your timesheet link with anyone other than your partner, whose name should also be on the timesheet. We will send a newsletter with more information on this semester’s timesheet and certificate system.


Spring 2024 Meetings and Events Reminder:

This semester, you can continue to meet virtually using applications such as FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, etc. Most events will be in person.

Stay Engaged and Meet Other CPP Students:

You may also partake in our new initiative: a Discord server or WhatsApp group chat for online community engagement and online events. Current partners may join the server via the invitation link provided in the application confirmation email.

Questions & Concerns: Please contact