Thank you for your interest in the Conversation Partners Program (CPP). The application for Fall 2020 is now open! Fill out the application below to be matched with your partner(s). The application deadline is Thursday, September 24th.

Live Virtual General Information Meetings (GIM)/Orientations will be held on 1) September 10th, Thursday, from 12:30-2:30 PM EST and 2) September 15th, Tuesday, from 9:00-10:30 PM EST. Attendance of orientation sessions are mandatory for new CPP partners. Attend our virtual live GIM sessions for more information on what CPP has planned for this semester. For information about event details, see Orientation.

Application Form:

Please fill out the application only if you agree to:

  • Participate in one of the CPP orientation sessions (if you are a brand new CPP Member)
  • Contact your partner within a week of being matched
  • *Meet your partner at least six times during the semester

*Virtual meetings are allowed this semester – can use Facetime, Zoom, etc. Texting is supplementary – does not qualify as a (substitute for) meetings

  • Notify CPP immediately (at if you can’t participate anymore due to unforeseen issues