Grist for the Mill

Hi everyone:

Reading your posts about the deliverables you’re working on is really inspiring. Maybe it has been a big news week for online education, or maybe I am paying more attention than usual since we’re engaged in this seminar, but I’ve read a few articles in my regular media intake routine this Hybrid Online Learning Guide for Students with our thoughts here.

The Chronicle’s “How Corporate IT Enslaved Academe” echoed “Engines of Inquiry” and further verified the prescience of Randy Bass.

Starbucks announced it would pay for employees to take online classes at Arizona State University.

AT&T teamed with Udacity to create mini-certificate courses for its entry-level job needs.

Jill Lepore decried the lack of research and scholarly criticism around the ideas of disruption and innovation. The Disruption Machine: What the Gospel of Innovation Gets Wrong.

I can’t wait to see your projects!


Digressive thought: I just realized that throughout the day I  have been overusing words that refer somehow to grains (i.e., grist, mill, fodder, chew, cud).

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  1. Thanks! I’ve read several of those and others. I’m adding some to my blog project. I’ve been following the discussion on Twitter. Lots to consider.

    1. I too dig the Lepore takedown, but I wish she offered a more constructive discussion about higher ed. She says there’s no evidence Christensen is right in his predictions, especially since we have obligations to a much wider array of constituencies than his model seems to take into account. Many (not all, and unfortunately not most) of us who are doing this work already know this and use that knowledge as foundation. But, I also happen to be in favor of “heavyweight innovation teams” in universities; I think BLSCI/CTL/WC/SACC have served Baruch quite well!

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