Update on Our Dialogue

Our dialogue is continuing, as our explorations coalesce into tangible approaches to creating an initial list of online resources (both student and instructor) for the Great Works courses.   Although we are all navigating this project from somewhat different angles, all of us are very much concerned with how hybridity can increase student involvement with the text.   Our variety of interests have unleashed our discussion into a number of trajectories:  a literary piece as a hypertext that explores character development in innovative ways; using new resources like 3D printing to create more playful, enlivening approaches to the text; expanding the possibilities of research and annotation, both traditional and online; exploring how literary translation can be a viable avenue for deepening comprehension for both instructors and students; experimenting with new ways to connect art and music to the text.

As Miciah explained in his Monday post, we are all examining different ways to think about using online resources to enhance our students’ experience of the hybrid environment, and our disparate methods reflect the complex nature of such an ambitious goal. As a group we seem to agree that keeping the format open is important, as we’re all still laboring to process this very different learning arena that we are stepping into.



One thought on “Update on Our Dialogue”

  1. This project sounds very rich and interesting. It seems as if you have two branches that emerge from the tree of this project: one branch is the list of online resources and the other branch encompasses various experimental approaches to texts. Is this about right, or am I misreading it? If this is indeed the case, then I wonder if the experimental approaches will or can be developed to serve as models for future instructors and classes? Or even if the process of development could be articulated…i.e., which technologies people chose for which projects and why. I keep coming back to this idea of transferability–how to retain the intellectual work you all have done and make it accessible for the future.

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