Quick Ideas about Deliverables…

Greetings, Great Works faculty. It’s too early for me to come up with a snappy title for this post, so I opted for a rather pedestrian explanatory one.

I’ve been reading through your posts and responses over the weekend, and I wanted to write a couple things that seem to keep coming up that might help you with your group project. I’m sure you have your own excellent ideas, but these are some common threads I noticed.

  • Maintaining engagement, a sense of community, and replicating the magic and pleasure of teaching and learning that happens face-to-face in Great Works online.  While many of you expressed concern about this, you also articulated great ideas about how to do so. Maybe you could come up with a document that brainstorms and advises about how to maintain engagement in hybrid Great Works classes.
  • Negotiating the line between creativity/non-traditional assignments and scholarly rigor/traditional writing assignments in literature courses. It might be neat to see a structured series of assignments that utilize the hybrid format to blend non-traditional and traditional assignments.