Oct. 12-13 Written Log for Project 2

October 12th,

12-7am- Sleeping

8am- Wake up go to class

9:05-10:20am- Introduction to Comparative Politics

10:45-12:00pm- Introduction to International Relations

12:00pm-2:00pm- went home to prepare to visit family in Buffalo

3:00pm- met up with my cousin to drive to Buffalo

3:00pm-11:00pm- Drive to Buffalo

11:30pm-1am- hung out with my other cousins in Buffalo. Went to Sleep

October 13th,

11am- woke up in Buffalo, NY

12pm- my family and I went to family brunch and got really good wings.

2pm- We went to my Uncle’s friends house who was hosting a Craft-Beer Tasting Event.

7pm- We went back to my cousins house and relaxed.

9pm- I went and visited my friend who goes to SUNY Buffalo with my cousin, we went to a party in his Villa complex. I slept at my friends house and went back to my cousins the next day.




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