Blog Post #8

Graph Draft:


Over a period of four days, I recorded the instances where I was socializing with other people in order to further understand the various discourses of my personal rhetoric. This was done in order to see whether I spoke the same when around different people, ex. is my rhetoric the same around my friends and my family. The four days in which I recorded my conversations were Saturday, Sunday, Thursday and Friday. When I was having conversations I would look for things in my train of thought that dictated the way I spoke. For instance when I was with my friends my rhetoric was a lot more “slang” and my cussing was more frequent. However, in school and around my family my rhetoric was a lot more conservative and reserved. I found that my awareness of my own code switching without this project was very limited, however since paying attention to these types of things I see what makes me speak the way I do, and setting and audience have more than a little do with it. I told my family about the project as I was recording the conversations.They felt that they too did not notice their own code switching, however they agreed that it could play a bigger role in their life than they thought previously.

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