Fallacy Report

This advertisement is known as an “appeal to popularity” which gives people the false impression that by going along with a popular activity, or buying Axe, those who buy Axe will be much more able to attract girls.

This is a “slippery-slope” fallacy, the idea in this ad is that if you are an atheist then you’re also against American beliefs. Next, being anti-american makes you a traitor which leads to Civil War. Meanwhile, the US Civil War was caused over the issue of whether or not it was fair to abolish slavery. This ad makes no sense because if it did then it would call any person who believed in abolishing slavery a traitor as well.


Appeal to emotion- this fallacy is an appeal to emotion, the context of the advertisement in this case is that by donating to ASPCA there will be less animal abuse. This is not true because animal abuse is an independent variable. While the effectiveness of the ad should be based on the idea of animal abuse, the effectiveness is achieved by playing sad music and showing videos of sad dogs.

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