Wizard of the Wing

This is Ryan Giggs, one of the greatest soccer players that has ever lived, and perhaps the greatest that has ever played in the English Premier League. His greatness is clearly shown though his accolades that are displayed as banners on top of the poster. 909 club appearances – most by a Manchester United player. 163 club goals. 64 national team appearances and 12 goals. Numerous amount of titles and cups, including 12 English Premier League titles – most by any player. His greatness is also forever recognized by his manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, with words, “whether dribbling or sprinting, Ryan can leave the best defenders with twisted blood.” The quote is located under the image of Giggs himself, his number “11” and his signature. The whole poster conveys the feeling of greatness that Ryan emulates.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quI_LkMj4HI]

“Giggs will tear you apart” was coined after that goal.