Class Notes for November 5

Model Graphical Representations of Data Around Hurricane Sandy


Joshua Brown, “History and the Web, From the Illustrated Newspaper to Cyberspace: Visual Technologies and Interaction in the Nineteenth and Twenty-First Centuries

  • “Our consciousness of the past is inextricably bound by pictures”
  • Increase in pictorial archives because of digital media
  • Images as evidence, not just extraneous/illuminate
  • Cyberspace can be immersive, encyclopedic (based on database architecture)
  • Navigating virtual space
  • Integration of info vs linkage
  • 19th century increase in pictures with text, Frank Leslie’s and Harpers
  • Narrative and story telling

Errol Morris, “Photography as a Weapon.”

  • Authenticity and manipulation of images 
  • Photographs can deceive in many ways (can be as simple as changed captions)

Group Work Updates

  • Plagiarism review