White Paper Genre Examples

We will talk more in class soon about writing white papers. As you get to work on the Data-Driven White Paper, though, I wanted to provide you some models early on to get a sense of what they look like.

Here are three examples:

American Legion: Veteran Suicides

US Department of Agriculture: Climate Change Science

Christian Community Development Association: Immigration


Please read through them when you have time so you get a sense of what is common in this genre of writing, but also how there is some flexibility.

As stated before, the key components are how white papers consider an audience of decision-makers from a specific perspective related to the topic, how it summarizes research and puts it in conversation with each other, and how it organizes recommendations or actions going forward based on this information.

Note how these three examples do that work and how you can use these as models for your writing.



There is no task on this page, just wanted to provide you some examples.

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