The Forehand in Tennis

In tennis an extremely essential part of the game is the “forehand.” When used correctly it can take your game to levels you never thought possible. The forehand is used when the ball is hit to the side of your body you hold the racquet on. As the ball comes closer to you, you want to stand with your chest facing off the court towards facing the ball. This way when the ball is next to you it will be at around stomach level. Once the ball is there you want to start bringing the racket forwards with a straight extended arm until contact is made. When you make contact with the ball, you want to start to flip your wrist giving the ball extra speed and spin. While doing this bend your elbow and bring your arm to the top of your other shoulder. Doing that is extremely important and is called the follow through, it will help you aim the ball getting it over the net. This whole motion with your arm is only half of the process. You also should try and line up arms distance away from the ball bending your knees as you hit the ball. Another something that helps add power to the ball is to step into your shot brining more force into your swing. Once you get good at this you can even start to try and aim for different areas of the court. One way I do this is by trying to look and face the area where I want to hit the ball. Utilizing the forehand in tennis can lead to much improved gameplay.

While writing about the importance of a forehand in tennis I encountered many challenges. I never understood how hard it could be to describe a process to someone using only words. I felt it was close to impossible to explain certain motions like, where to stand and how to move your arm. But we are able to try and make the best of language using descriptive words and sentences. When writing about the forehand I started by explaining where you stand on the court. In doing this I found it easier to describe when you hit the ball. Once I did this I tried using my language to explain when and how you move your arm. To help my audience understand I tried to tell them how each movement effects the outcome of the shot. By using more words and sentences it becomes easier to explain your process. One of the most important aspects in this writing was trying to explain the forehand like it was the first time I ever learnt it. By doing this I connected to the reader and imagined I knew nothing about my topic. After that I was able to use language and descriptive words to help tell them the most I could. In the end I saw how the use of language is limited in describing certain things. You can use words all you want but sometimes they can’t explain every detail of a process. So, when it comes to Mermin I was amazed by how he is able to explain such complicated process, while making them appeal to all readers. In the future to help this process I will use as many descriptive words and sentences to explain my process the most accurately.

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