Writing Helps Us Think

This past summer, I acquired the skill of making string art. The concept of it is just that, making art with the use of string. A friend of mine starting making a couple pieces and was making money by selling them. I was looking to make some extra money so he showed me the ways of string art. Just by looking at the piece, one might think it is easy because the art looks quite simple. In reality, making string art takes time and precision. The material one needs are: string, nails, paint, primer and a wooden board. First, one must apply primer to the wooden board. Primer is necessary so the paint can appear more pigmented and does not soak into the wood. That will take at least day because you need both sides pigmented. Next, you start painting the wooden board. This takes two days because you should coat the wood twice with paint. It is important to let the paint dry overnight so you can start the nailing process on a dry surface. You then print out a picture of the figure you want to make. You should outline only the outer part of the figure and place dots every half an inch for where you will place the nails. Once you made the dots, tape the picture in the middle of the board and start nailing. When nailing, it is important to note that each nail must be the same, if not close, in height. After you are done nailing, carefully rip the paper out so no pieces are left under the nails. Lastly, you can begin tying the string around the nails. First outline the outer portion and then fill in the inner portion with string. One gets better with practice, just like everything in life. 

Can writing aid us in our thought process? I believe the use of writing can definitely be used as a tool to think with. The words we use when writing trigger thoughts and images in our heads when reading them. When we need to put something together, such as a bed frame, we are given words to instruct us. I gave instructions on the process of string art by only using words. As I read what I have wrote, I can clearly visualize every step because of the words I used. Humans think through language and words, so these words help us organize our thoughts. This is why it is important to be very detailed with your word choice, especially when you are trying to expelling something to a younger person. When trying to explain something to others, a vague explanation will not do the job. Being very detailed and explaining thoroughly will help people visualize the words in their thoughts and execute the task correctly. Language, writing and thinking all go hand-in-hand. They do have a relation between one another because if one is not being used, the others can not be acheived.

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