Research Proposal

For my Research Driven Writing Project Proposal, I have thought about two ideas that I am interested in. The first being how has the Spanish language progressed in my community and what is the current state of the language. Another topic that also stood out to me was how badly technology has harmed the youth and what kind of mental damage it will continue to do. The paper would likely also be broken down into an introduction that would deal with many of the claims I would present and some data to back it up. The next couple of paragraphs would be full of sources and information that can strengthen the question that is presented. The conclusion would recap all the claims and the evidence and allow the reader to see how detrimental technology can be at times. So at least for this paper, I really want to look at studies that involve the youth and even some adults and see how someone with minimal access to technology compares to someone with free access. I think it would be quite interesting to see the differences in personality and just information that these two individuals would have. I would also like to compare studies in the 90s and early 2000s to see how the youth at that time would carry themselves to compare them to the children of today who have been blessed with all kinds of technology that is taken for granted. The majority of the sources that I will likely be using will be from Psychologists and Clinicians who have to deal with these types of people and have accurate information with substantial data that can back up any claims that I may present in my paper. My research question would likely ask if the damage that has been done is permanent or could there be a way that the youth is no longer as dependent on technology on a daily basis.

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