The Three Questions

After reading my Literacy Narrative and Rhetorical Analysis, I’ve come up with three ideas that I might want to pursue for my research assignment.

First, gathering from my Literacy Narrative, I feel that I have great interest towards Chinese literature, particularly the well-known phrases that have been passed down from dynasties ago. I believe that these phrases lasted this long for a reason, and that it could be interesting and educating to dive deeper to their roots and their applications over the years. 

Regarding Chinese literature, I’m also interested in well-known texts. One famous work that I have on top of my mind is The Art of War by Sun Tzu. It’s not a particularly long text. It’s a few dozen pages long, and each page contains one or two essential sentences, like morals, intended to teach rulers and generals. I love this work because I’m a big fan of military strategy and used to read and watch TV shows that take place in warring periods. I can probably pull out a few pages from this book to serve as the basis of my research.

The second topic that I have interest in is success in America. It is a very broad topic, but hopefully I can narrow it down much more, if that is going to be the topic I’ll analyze. I’m thinking about considering success in certain fields, which can be broken down into careers as well as social settings (rural, suburban, urban). However, coming up with a claim or thesis might be difficult for this one.

The last topic arose after rereading my Rhetorical analysis, which was about the Apple’s 1984 ad. Having previously read the Steve Jobs biography, I’m interested in looking into the company on a deeper level. For this one, I’m thinking about researching Apple’s ads over the years and maybe find a common characteristic that I can base my thesis off of, or I can research a particular product and discuss their influence in a particular segment of society.

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