I chose this picture to represent myself because, I feel that the outdoors will always be a part of me. Since I was was little I used to love going outside looking at animals and exploring. As I got older being outdoors became a hobby and I started going on camping, hiking, and kayaking trips. Some of my accomplishments include hiking the entire state of New Jersey on the Appalachian Trail. To this day I continue to look forward to planning more trips and exploring the unknown.   

4 thoughts on “Nissim Mishan

  1. That sounds soooo fun. I’m really into landscape photography, so I’ve really been enjoying the outdoors recently. Also, I really want to go on a road trip through the western states (Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, California, Oregon, Washington) to experience some of the coolest places in the country in my opinion.

  2. I truly believe nature is so beautiful but most times I absolutely cannot stand being outside too long. But, after watching 2 seasons ofThe 100, a show about people that are coming to Earth for the first time in 100 years, I want to be able to appreciate nature more. This post kind of a message for me to do more outdoors.

  3. Like Lina and Ming, I’m impressed (dang, whole state you hiked!). Just never got into it. My parents both grew up in a city (Philadelphia) so I think that played a role. Still, would like to do more outdoors. I have enjoyed parks a lot more since the pandemic started.

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