I like to play basketball. I find it a fun way to burn calories.

Chinese Basketball Association reportedly told American players to return  for end of season or face banishment - CBSSports.com


I like to watch Joe Rogan because he asks good questions and says what he wants to say (politely).

3 thoughts on “Ming

  1. I’m probably the worst person at basketball EVER, but Joe Rogan seems really cool. It always seems like he gets really cool people on his podcasts. I’ve listened to him a few times and from what I’ve heard so far, I might need to watch some of his videos.

  2. Ah, I miss doing things like basketball. The last time I played basketball I almost puked. This is part of getting older. My style of play used to be hardcore defensive energy guy because I wasn’t very skilled. That style of play does not translate well when you are no longer in your early 20s and in decent shape!

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