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Final Project Ideas

  1. How is a soldier emotionally affected after they return home from being stationed in one place for a long period of time?
  2. What impact can adoption or foster care have on a child’s ability to make friends and ¬†establish relationships with others?
  3. How can a non-religious family interact in a community populated by other religious families?

Essay #2

I choose prompt #2 and I’m going to write about “Drinking Coffee Elsewhere.” I think ¬†that the central significance of the title is orientation and it’s common theme throughout the story. Dina gets into an Ivy League in the city which means she has to leave Baltimore. In the story, orientation can be defined in two ways so therefore, I’m going to discuss how those two ways help define the story.


Essay #1 Personal Narrative

I’m not sure what I want to write about yet but the three prompts I’ve chosen so far are 1, 3, and 4.

1.An experience where I was “displaced” would be when I moved from Corona to East Elmhurst when I was seven years old.

3.A place that’s meaningful to me is a restaurant in Astoria called “Ricky’s Cafe.”

4.Lastly, how shifting from Spanish and English on a daily basis has shaped me my life.