Final Project Ideas

  1. Nursing Homes – How does the elderly feel displaced when they are removed from their home and put into a new home? How does this affect them?
  2. Adoption – What circumstances do adopted kids face when they are told the truth about being adopted?
  3. Foster Care – What circumstances do foster children face when they are put in the wrong foster home and how does this affect their life?

2 thoughts on “Final Project Ideas

  1. I will be going with my 3rd option which is:

    What circumstances do foster children face from being transfer into many foster homes? How does this affect their life?

    Im choosing this because a major displacement happens when these children are moved around a lot. They believe they don’t have a place to really call home and their being forced to get use to their surroundings.

  2. Fatima, I think your question is fine. As you remember, one of the things we spoke about in class in response to this topic and a few other topic was finding a way to incorporate more thinking and analysis into your work, so that you are not simply finding experts who confirm what we already suspect to be true about the damaging effects of foster care on children. So in the case of foster care, beyond describing the negative effects of moving from one foster home to another, you might also want to think about how the system could be improved and also to pay attention to measures the system may already be taking to improve things for the children in their care and how successful or unsuccessful these efforts have been. Does that make sense?

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