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Final Project Ideas

1.How has police brutality increased over the years? How can we slow down and ultimately stop this epidemic?

2. Should marijuana be nationally legalized for recreational and/or medicinal use?

3. Should the U.S Government  have reopened interaction with Cuba or should they have continued the trade restrictions that were in place for the last 60 or so years?


Final Project Ideas

  1. How is a soldier emotionally affected after they return home from being stationed in one place for a long period of time?
  2. What impact can adoption or foster care have on a child’s ability to make friends and  establish relationships with others?
  3. How can a non-religious family interact in a community populated by other religious families?

Final Project Ideas

Adoption – What are the effects of a child that is constantly put back in foster care? / What is it like for a child constantly put back in foster care?

Experiences of moving that aren’t related to immigration – What is the experience like for students that move from China to the United States for education?

Homelessness – What is the experience of a homeless person who is constantly looking for shelter ?

Final Project Ideas

  1. Nursing Homes – How does the elderly feel displaced when they are removed from their home and put into a new home? How does this affect them?
  2. Adoption – What circumstances do adopted kids face when they are told the truth about being adopted?
  3. Foster Care – What circumstances do foster children face when they are put in the wrong foster home and how does this affect their life?

Final Projects Topics

Polygamy vs Monogamy– How does polygamy vs monogamy affect the household (wife and children) environment?

Adoption-  How are adopted children impacted by the same gender parents?

Siblings/ Psychological displacement- How does having a disability impact your outlook on life? Or how does procrastination affect one’s potential personal improvements?




Final Project ideas

Psychological displacement vs. Physical displacement – Living with your mother vs. living with your father as a female?

Psychological displacement- going from being the youngest sister on one side of your family to becoming the only child.

Gender displacement- the norms of gender and the roles of gender in Haiti vs. coming to America.

Final Project Ideas

  1. Adoption: What are the affects on children that are in a open adoption versus a closed adoption? How does being told versus finding out that they are adopted affect them mentally and emotionally?
  2. Gender and Displacement: What does being born intersex do to the child and family? How does a person  come to decide what gender they want to be or accept the gender that was chosen for them?
  3. Religion: What are the emotional drawbacks  of being non-religious in a religious family? How does one person turn to a different religion from the one they were born in? What are the consequences among the family?