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3 Questions for “Persepolis”

My 3 questions:

  1. Who was the illustrator or graphic designer of the novel and movie of Persepolis?
  2. What was the point of this movie? (Meaning, was it for a political standpoint or was it for awareness?)
  3. who is the “Shah”? Yes, I did focus on the movie, however, all I heard was her chanting his name. I didn’t get to understand the political concept of the movie. It was too much throwing of words such as: communist, aristocratic and etc.


  1. Was the movie titled because of its basis with it being off the perception of the girl?
  2. Why did the town, rather the country, kept insisting on putting down the opposite sex
  3. Did she take was her love life an analogy to how she received love from her family and friends?


1* Why was the movie in black and white, yet the flowers that Marjine’s grandmother used to put on her breast had a pinkish color?

2*Why was Marjine ashamed of saying that she was Iranian, but then became so angry when she heard people¬†talking about how they didn’t believed it? Why did she reacted in an angry way when confirming that she was Iranian?

3*Why was the fact that she was getting divorced, a reason to leave Iran and not come back, not even when knowing that her grandmother had passed out?


While watching the film I’ve come up with these questions.

1.) most of the film was black and white,giving us sort of an idea of a every plain a predictable setting but why is it that many unsuspecting things occurred? did she leave her parents too young?
2.) which perception of her 2nd boyfriend was real? The one when she was in love, or when after she caught him cheating? In both perceptions her view on this guy is clouded by her emotions. So which is the real one?
3.) After the doctor diagnosed her as depressed, she became depressed. What made her depressed?. She wasn’t depressed when she was diagnosed even though she didn’t know that. Was it that she accepted what the doctor said and fell into depression, or did she become depressed because of the medicine? Medicine has a way of fixing one thing while attacking another, since she wasn’t really depressed, did it make her depressed?