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Final Project Ideas

1.How has police brutality increased over the years? How can we slow down and ultimately stop this epidemic?

2. Should marijuana be nationally legalized for recreational and/or medicinal use?

3. Should the U.S Government  have reopened interaction with Cuba or should they have continued the trade restrictions that were in place for the last 60 or so years?


Displacement in Pop Culture Assignment

Stephen Fellus,

For this assignment I chose the Movie “Coach Carter”. I believe that this true story is very interesting, and it relates to the theme of someone with a different mindset and philosophy coming into a situation and making it better. Coach Carter comes to richmond high school to coach the varsity basketball team. Richmond  is one of the worst neighborhoods in the country. The basketball team has talent and potential, however they lack conviction and discipline which is exactly what Coach Carter brings. He helps these kids turn their lives around not  only on the court but off of it as well, by teaching them to be athlete’s as well as students. Coach carter turns boys that would have likely just become another statistic into well rounded successful men.





Essay #2

I chose to use On The Rainy River by Tim O’Brien and prompt number one to write my literary analysis essay because after looking over the story again more carefully I i realize that Tim’s transition from scholar to going into the army was very interesting. He has an internal debate whether he will flee the army and his american life or go to to war, and which of these choices will or will not make him a coward. This story is really relatable and I feel an essay about this would be a fascinating experience to write.