Throughout high school my lack of organization likely kept me from reaching the goals I had hoped to achieve for.  It wasn’t often enough that I had my homework in on time, and studying usually came the night before.  As one of my teachers liked to say, I was “a day late and a dollar short.”

In choosing to attend Baruch, I chose to go to school in an especially unforgiving place for a person like me.  New York City eats raw people who don’t have their lives straightened out, and lateness can really cost a person.  There’s little moping about, and that sort of environment bleeds into Baruch also.

I am rather proud of myself to have overcome an obstacle at Baruch, and it is a lesson I am sure I will apply elsewhere in life.  Seeing everybody around you in a business-like, goal oriented attitude is contagious, and I certainly have felt that this first semester.

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