Snapshot of Semester 1

In all honesty, the picture above is by far the best way of showing my first 3 months at Baruch. Although that is not a picture of my room above and thankfully my room is not that messy, it is symbolic of my first 3 months of college. I have felt all over the place as I have adjusted to a different lifestyle and experience. I tend not to enjoy change and attending Baruch this fall was probably the biggest change I have had in my life. The reason I chose that specific picture to explain my first 3 months in college is because of my lack of organization and how it has slowly become more severe. With the increased stress of college and my laziness it has become harder to keep everything in my life labeled and organized. I feel as if as the smoke settles in this first semester of college, I am learning to deal with the change and will slowly learn from it. For the time being though, my life is a bit messy.

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